I think Thomas Jefferson would be just as confused as I am over the failure of Rand Paul and John McCain to support efforts to reform the Affordable Care Act. Both of them were critical of the ObamaCare plan for years. (Examples on both of them cited in the links at the end of this comment)

And yet now that the Republican Party is in charge, both of them are refusing to join with their fellow party members to get the reform done. In an earlier post we commented that “compromise is a key component to political interaction” and these two veteran senators should surely know that.

Yes, we need to preserve coverage for those who can’t afford it, and those with pre-existing medical conditions, but does that mean we need to allow the multiple injustices and idiocies of ObamaCare to remain as law of the land?

The answer is resoundingly NO! and if Thomas Jefferson were here with us today, he would almost certainly be telling these two so-called leaders of the party to step up, toe the line, and get the darn job done!