In an interesting development, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi hosted an event in San Francisco to explain how she joined forces with President Trump to provide legal protection to young undocumented immigrants. One would think that she would have been praised for getting the President to step away from his campaign pledge and support DACA type legislation, but instead protesters rushed the stage chanting “all of us or none of us” and demanding that the bill not include provisions to upgrade border security.

As the Wall Street Journal put it: Perhaps before they’re granted legal status, these kids should be required to understand how America works. If they want legal status under the U.S. Constitution, Congress must pass a law and Republicans now have a majority. This requires compromise, and Ms. Pelosi is trying to cut a deal that will stop these protesters from being deported. They’re fortunate that a requirement of legal status isn’t an IQ test. Guess this is a good example of the old saying: “Give a mouse a cookie and he’ll want a glass of milk!”