September 11, 2001

A day that divides the past from the present, never to be forgotten, nor forgiven.
In order to ensure peace, we must always be prepared for war, and remain ever vigilant.

Honor all those who serve or have served in our Armed Forces for it is they who put their bodies between us and our loved ones and those around the world who would do America and Americans harm.

Think back to where you were that fated morning, the shock you felt, and how you reacted over the days that followed. All of us, America, and the world were changed on that terrible day. Let us never forget the determination that all Americans felt that day, to come together in defense of our country, of our freedom and our legacy to our children and those who will come after us.

In this day of far too much internal acrimony, conflicting feelings and even challenges to some of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms let us remember how in that time we banded together, felt a surge of pride that we were Americans – and nothing would ever bring our nation down.