I was a college student during the Vietnam War and served as a monitor at more than one march of protesters during those years. Of thousands of students who participated never once did I see anyone show up with their face covered, nor did anyone throw rocks through windows or attack anyone else. The whole point in marching for PEACE is to do it PEACEFULLY!

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, not the freedom to commit violence, damage property, or prevent others from exercising their own freedom to express their opinions.  To allow those such as Antifa to intimidate those who they don’t approve of is just the same as those who helped Hitler rise to power.  For government or campus “leaders” to cave in to the demands of those who wish to deny freedom of speech or freedom of assembly to others is a clear abandonment of their respo nsibility to their citizens and students.

Once we allow limits to be placed on freedom, we have begun our walk down the path to no freedom at all!