Why Has The ObamaCare Enrollment Failed?

It’s not because of errors in the rollout. It’s not because the website was horrible. It’s not because the Republicans opposed it.  It’s not because the Democrats passed it through political maneuvering that bypassed the normal procedural process of the US Senate.

The reason is more at the heart of the entire rationale and justification that Mr. Obama and his people advanced from the very beginning of their campaign for health care reform.  Namely, it is because the facts that were screamed at us by the Obama Administration and their supporters both in the political world as in the main stream media were fallacious from the very start.

The statistics that Obama and his cronies were so fond of quoting back when they were pushing for passage of health care reform were that approximately 15% of Americans were uninsured. Unfortunately that was merely a shadow of the actual truth. Leaders of the health care industry tried to tell the Obama-ites that, but the main stream media shouted down the blasphemous cries of the people who really knew the facts about the numbers.

Of that 15% of our population, those 45 million uninsured that we heard about ad nauseum, nearly 1/3, or 15 million could have afforded care and were qualified to get it based on the insurance underwriting procedures then in place, but just didn’t want it. They had no interest, didn’t feel they needed it, so they didn’t buy it. Nothing much has changed – they still don’t want it and they haven’t bought it.

Another 1/3 of that oft-quoted number, another 15 million, were already qualified for government supported medical insurance programs such as MediCal and Healthy Families (in California) but had so little interest that they simply hadn’t bothered to apply! That 15 million still aren’t interested and still haven’t bothered to apply.

The final 1/3, the last 15 million of the “famous” 45 million, who either couldn’t afford it or couldn’t qualify for it, were truly in need. What is the biggest surprise to me (I’ve been in the health insurance industry for over 35 years) is that less than 1/2 of those who I fully expected to be very excited about and to enroll in with alacrity haven’t done anything either. Perhaps as time passes they may, perhaps the system may get easier to navigate, or the “mandate penalty tax” may motivate some – but by and large the result has been what America has seen for many years in many instances.

The proverbial bottom line is that government legislation – whether it be banning alcohol or marijuana, dictating speed limits, or mandating health insurance – can’t force people to do something that they simply don’t want to do. It’s as simple as that.  Americans don’t want ObamaCare, and all Mr. Obama’s whining and crusading and main stream media support can’t change that hard fact, not even one tiny little bit.

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