What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?
Tree of Liberty: 10/22/2013

R.H. Lee
All Americans are Immigrants.
Barack Obama has called for Immigration reform by the end of this year. What is the big hurry?  Let’s take our time and get it right, not “pass the bill so we can see what it says.”

McConnell’s thirty pieces of pork

Pelosi’s reaction to McConnell’s pork

Apparently the cupboard’s are NOT bare, Congresswoman


More debt ceiling illusions

Obama’s economic agenda pushes relentlessly

Featured Column: Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell provides a biting criticism of nominated Fed Chairman Janet Yellen, exposing her economic philosophy to a biting historical criticism

Crazy Corner: An insight into the warped liberal mind

Candy Crowley being a total nut at Rand Paul

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10 22 2013