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The Austin Heller Project
Phantoms & Lies of Hitting the Debt Ceiling.
Would it surprise you to learn that the Obama administration’s cries of “The Sky is Falling!” are unsupported by the facts? Financial analysis and constitutional law combine to explode the “Doom & Gloom” cries from the White House and its cronies.

R.H. Lee
Obamacare: The Reality Sets In.
This article needs no introduction; the name says it all.

The Week’s Best from Around the Nation:

Harry Reid dismisses Washington D.C.’s pleas.

Outrageous Obama Veto of piecemeal funding.

Next Fed Chairman’s shoddy record on predicting bubbles.

Crazy priorities!  Obama choice for Fed Chairman, the “most powerful central banker in the world” and all this NPR article can do is wonder whether to call her: Chair, Chairman, or Chairwoman?

Featured Column: Ann Coulter
This week featured Ann Coulter’s courageous defense of Republican effort during the government shutdown. She proceeds from a biting analysis of Obamacare to an even harsher analysis of Democrat strategy.

Crazy Corner: An insight into the warped liberal mind
Liberal Think Progress links shutdown to Racism; uses historical “analysis” to argue that small-government and free-market mentality is a result of racial prejudice.


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