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Think peace!


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How well did it work for Austria and Czechoslovakia in the 1930s?  Or Poland in 1939?

How successful in keeping the peace was Neville Chamberlain’s compromise with Hitler when he came home trumpeting “Peace in Our Time?”

Last but not least – how well did it work for the citizens of Troy when the dragged the great Wooden Horse in through their gates and celebrated their triumph?

As the great Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”

We must be ever vigilant, and always prepared lest our freedom, our nation be snatched from our grasp by those around the globe who live in envy of and hatred for the our America.

Freedom for the Ages


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The Second Amendment exists to allow the citizenry to protect themselves and their rights from an imperious and invasive government. The founders of our nation included it in the Bill of Rights because they had just won their freedom from George III’s dictatorial government, and wanted to ensure that their newly won liberty would be passed down to posterity forever.

“Send ’em up; I’ll wait…


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This is from the ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’ universe, and it truly is just that.

America’s history of courage, determination, confidence, and eternal dedication to freedom, liberty and the unquestioned belief that every man, woman and child is entitled to the pursuit of happiness is exemplified by the response of this Marine aviator to a threat from an enemy of his country.

“Semper fi!”

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